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For sustainable society


Let’s enable co-living and co-creation of the earth and society!

We believe that a sustainable society can be realized by people on the earth by combining the benefits of the earth and human wisdom.

We run “ecoist” as a web magazine that delivers information on the global environment, technology, and energy for a sustainable society.
SDGs were created by adding the earth and society to corporate stakeholders. We believe that this is also affected by the global paradigm shift caused by the spread of the Internet.
This is because the Internet has made it possible for the world to jump over the existing framework of national borders and connect easily. In addition, People’s sensitivity to information has been improved by leaving the selection of information to users’ responsibility. As a result, there was a major shift in consumer behavior from ownership to use.
The way of business thinking has been forced to change from a vertically segmented approach to a horizontal approach of community collaboration. Furthermore, it has become important for companies not to look at things from the perspective of manufacturers, but from the perspective of users, as well as from the perspective of coexistence with the earth.
In order to make the next generation a sustainable society, it is necessary to create innovation by redefining various things, rather than sustaining the current society. We would like to share with you useful information for building a sustainable society.