For sustainable society


A society in which all living things on earth will live in peace forever.

The keyword for that is “reduce” and “reaching zero”

First, the major themes to be solved are..
・Reducing the use of fossil resources and reaching zero
・Reduce CO2 emissions and reach zero
・Reduce poverty and reach zero

Zero things we don’t want to leave for the next generation

Innovation is necessary for that.
It is our consciousness, our behavior and our technological innovation.

Innovation is the replacement of existing ones with more appropriate ones.

A website that shares information on the activities of companies and people working on innovation for society,
That is the “ecoist”.

ecoist Inc.
Established : July, 2019
CEO : Masayuki Matsunaga
Member of the Board:Yusuke Kojima, Kensuke Sawa
Address : 1-59-1, Yoyogi, Shibuya-Ku, Tokyo JAPAN
e-mail :

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