For sustainable society


Nothing will change unless we change.

Circulation of the social good is essential to realize sustainable society. And the sustainable society cannot come out unless we change.

“ecoist” is a web-site that we share informations about eco-friendly efforts, ideas, and styles with you. Over 130,000 likes in 10 manths is a proof that many people have similar ideas.
he SDGs, which add environment and society to corporate stakeholders, are new goals for humankind. Business thinking has changed from vertical integration to horizontal international specialization. The consumption behavior has changed from ownership to usage. It can be said that these changes are phenomena of transition to a new era. We would like to share with you the essence for a new era where the environment, economy and society coexist.

ecoist Inc.
Established : July, 2019
CEO : Masayuki Matsunaga
Member of the Board:Yusuke Kojima, Kensuke Sawa
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