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Off-grid tiny cabin for summer vacation in Australia

 Fresh Prince, a Sydney-based building company, has designed a compact cabin that will be a sustainable home for summer vacation in Australia. The 150-square-foot “Barrington Tops” is located on a hill surrounded by deep forests, beside a river, in New South Wales.

 The building is a lightweight wooden structure built on a wheeled chassis. Matte black Weathertex, made from local forest thinnings and other industrial by-products, is used for exterior walls. The inner wall and ceiling are seamlessly connected to maintain a sense of openness.

 On the other hand, large low-E glass windows with operable louvers are used in the room, realizing a natural system of air ventilation. One end of the room has a bed with a smart storage option as a minimal interior, and the other has a bathroom. They are separated by a compact kitchen equipped with a small refrigerator and a two-burner gas stove.

 And it is the off-grid type, generating all the necessary energy by solar power. Also, it is designed to minimize both physical and environmental impacts, including a composting toilet, reconstituted sawdust and wax cladding and exposed copper and brass plumbing.

 According to Alice Nivison, design director of Fresh Prince, “We believe the philosophy of ‘less is more’. We created, from the ground up, a simple and beautiful space that embodies a sustainable way of life with only minimum required things.”

 This cabin is available to rent on Airbnb.