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A popular restaurant in London offers free meals to children

Indian restaurant “Dishoom” in the UK is a popular restaurant with 7 locations around London. When it comes to Indian food, it is curry; however, the restaurant offers not only curry but also a wide variety of Indian dishes such as Chicken Tikka, Dahl, Pav Bhaji, Biryani, and there is a long line during dinner hour due to its popularity. Since 2015, the restaurant has donated foods for underprivileged children based on the idea that “hunger is the biggest barrier to children’s education.” The total number of donations is seven million meals.

Part of sales of dinner and lunch at Dishoom is used to fund food for young children in Mumbai and the Gujarat region of India while contributing to “Magic Breakfast” which provides a healthy school breakfast for children suffering from hunger and malnutrition in the UK.  Through this project, breakfast is provided every day to 31,000 children attending 467 schools across the UK.

On September 2nd 2019, the launch party of Dishoom’s first cookbook, From Bombay with Love, was held. The company’s co-founder Shamil Thakrar said at the party, that he hopes to make the project even bigger as Dishoom will open two more branches next year. The company visits every year the schools in India that they donated lunch. “When we provide free lunch, more girls go to school and have a proper education,” said Mr Thakrar. In the UK, disparities are growing year by year due to the effects of austerity; therefore, the company expects to continuous support of Magic Breakfast to minimize them, and the expansion of the project is also incorporated into Dishoom’s business plan.

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