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The first “chlorine-free” public pool in Canada!

“Borden Park”, located in Edmonton, Canada, is a historic park established in 1906. There is a pool built in the 1950s on the premises, and it was reborn this year as Canada’s first pool that does not use chemicals such as chlorine.

The pool named the “Borden Park Natural Swimming Pool (NSP)” filters water using a combination of stones, gravel, sand, and plants. Rainwater is filtered through a sand and stone pond first and then passes through a pond where plants, algae, plankton, etc. live. Water can be cleaned without using chemicals such as chlorine since the living organisms in these ponds decompose bacteria. In addition, the outer wall of the pool is made of granular filters and gabion walls, contributing to filtration.

Usually, if the water is not sterilized using chemicals such as chlorine, bacteria will shortly grow. In addition, a pool is easy to become a medium of infection because a lot of people swim, and each country imposes very strict hygiene standards. t was no exception in Canada, and the designers had struggled to meet the strict national hygiene regulations without relying on chlorine. Although it was thought to be impossible to completely eliminate the use of chemical substances, safe water with little impact on the human body without affecting the environment have been generated by utilizing the water circulation system using filters, and the action of plants and plankton.

Swimmers are also restricted unexceptionally from using chemical substances. This pool prohibits the use of phosphate-based sunscreens, so special sunscreens are also available for sale. Moreover, there is also a rule that swimmers must wash away chemicals with a shower of filtered water before getting in the pool. Although it seems very troublesome, water without chlorine has little irritation to the body, and swimmers comfortably can swim. There may be many swimmers who are looking forward to an increase in such a pool.