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Let’s join an energy-saving campaign in New Zealand

As everyone knows, the most popular sport in New Zealand is rugby. The other day, in the Rugby World Cup held in Japan, many people in Japan watched the game to see the play of the New Zealand national rugby union team known as the nickname of “All Blacks.” Although All Blacks could not win the three consecutive championships in the World Cup, the country showed its presence as the “rugby nation” by beating the winning South Africa in the first game.

Most of those who watched the first game on TV in New Zealand have seen commercials in which messages from historical world leaders such as Pastor King, Princess Diana, Mahatma Gandhi, and Winston Churchill were collaged. The commercial introduced a climate change campaign “Gen Less” organized by the New Zealand government.

Gen Less is a sustainable initiative to “choose a lifestyle that leads to energy-saving and to live a more climate-friendly life.” The campaign is led by the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (EECA), an organization established for the purpose of promoting energy efficiency, and any person or organization, including individuals, businesses, and the government in New Zealand, can participate, regardless of age, gender, or social status. The campaign proposed that everyone take action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from energy use. In particular, the goal is to reduce emissions from electricity generation and transportation.

The official website proposes a new lifestyle that can realize energy-saving as “a variety of ways to help you start living with less energy, and getting more out of life.” These ways are easy to implement; for example, biking to school or work, switching to LED bulbs, starting a home vegetable garden, saving more water by replacing a showerhead, having clothes swap with your friends, etc.

The symbol of Gen Less “<” has the meaning of “using less energy, while getting more out of life.” Participating individuals, businesses, and organizations can show their support for Gen Less by displaying the “<” symbol.

Although Gen Less has suggested that people in the country work together to take action on climate change, global efforts and collaborations are essential for solving the climate issues, and it cannot be solved only by the efforts of New Zealand. Therefore, the top page of the official website, in Maori and English, calls for people around the world to pay attention to climate change. Even if you are not a New Zealand citizen, you can sign up from the following URL to participate in this action.

Photo:Gen Less