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A Christmas installation with the theme of “ocean conservation”

While shopping malls and shopping streets around the world are completely in the Christmas mood, are you excited about the biggest event of the year? A particularly notable Christmas event this year will be held at “Carnaby Street” in London, England. It is a sustainable Christmas with the theme of “ocean conservation”.

Carnaby Street has announced that it will collaborate with “Project Zero,” an ocean conservation charity, for the Christmas 2019 installation. Under the theme of ocean conservation, the street is decorated like a sea. Passing through the green kelp forest floating in the sea and entering into the bright pink coral reef, you will see the deep blue sea spreading out… It must be a wonderful Christmas!

 The iconic arch of Carnaby Street is decorated like in the sea. In the center of the area, the earth in a shell is adorned, which looks like a pearl. Don’t forget to take a picture because it is a definitely “instagrammable” spot. “One Ocean One Planet”, the slogan of Project Zero, is shown on a signboard. In order to mitigate the damaging effects of climate change and create a sustainable future for life on the earth, it is sending a powerful message that we must immediately take action.

 The decorations on the street are decorated with repurposed fishing netting for green kelp, over 500m of post-use bubbled wrap repurposed for coral and over 1,500 recycled plastic bottles for fish and bubbles. 100% cotton fabrics and over 100L of water-based paint are used for the decorations. The paint called “vegan paint” does not use any animal-derived materials such as animal fats and oils in production and is used for the first time in the world for this project. In addition, 100% renewable energy will cover the electricity used for lighting.

 All tickets at the shopping party are printed using plant-based ink and use 100% recycled paper to thoroughly reduce the burden on the environment. All bars on the street also use plastic pint glasses that can be washed and reused over 100 times, which can prevent thousands of single-use plastic cups being thrown away.

 Carnaby Street is known as a hangout for musicians and designers in the 1960s. It was a major source of pop culture, that produced music such as mod and psychedelic and where cutting-edge fashion brands opened their shops. As a host of cutting-edge environmental protection events, Carnaby Street is attracting attention.

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