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Energy drink with oatmilk

 Have you heard “oatmilk”? It is plant-based milk extracted from oats, and vegans, vegetarians, and those who remain aware of environmental issues often drink it since it is not an animal-based ingredient such as cows. While examples of plant-based milk include soy milk and almond milk, now oatmilk is a very popular item in the United States and Northern Europe because it is low in fat and does not contain lactose or cholesterol.

 It has also been adopted in the genre of energy drinks and released in the United States. The production is American Monster Beverage Corporation, known for its popular energy drink brand “Monster Energy”. Energy drink with oatmilk from Monster brand?  It may be difficult to imagine.

 An energy drink named “Java Monster Farmer’s Oats” has been released. While Monster Energy produces various types of energy drinks in the United States, the Farmer’s Oats is a new product in the series of coffee-flavored products called “Java Monster”.

 Oatmilk that uses only North American oats, not milk, is adopted and is incorporated with blended coffee, and the taste is sweet.  200mg of caffeine is contained, which is more than a normal Monster.

 On launch, Monster Beverage Corporation collaborated with “,” a popular American blog, on November 2, and held an event “Vegan Brunchdown’ Launch Party.” In this event, where Monster Energy fans were invited, not only Farmer’s Oats but also vegan dishes such as hamburgers using meat and egg alternatives and donuts using oats were served. Actually, Monster Energy is vegan-friendly energy drink. All the raw materials used for Monster Energy are plant-based, and there is no problem for vegans to drink it. It was a fact that only some people knew because the company hadn’t made an appeal that the product was for vegan.

 On the day of the event, CEO Geoff Kutnick said, “In 2019, the amount of alternative foods for vegans and vegetarians has exploded, which allows both passionate vegans and flexitarian consumers to eat and drink together.”  It can be said that it has become an era of being easy to eat the same food at the same table regardless of thoughts and beliefs. By the way, the release of Farmer’s Oats has not been determined yet in Japan.

Photo: Monster Beverage Corporation

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