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Morgan Stanley invests in app

The number of investors making “ESG Investing” is increasing: They are focusing on investing in companies that consider environmental issues such as global warming and various social issues such as human rights issues. ESG stands for “Environmental,” “Social” and “Governance.”

Investors are now trying to increase investment in companies that are running ESG-conscious businesses, rather than focusing on making an immediate profit. As one of the examples, Morgan Stanley, a major US investment company, has announced that the company will start efforts to reduce ocean plastic waste and invest in a related educational app as part of those efforts.

Morgan Stanley has signed partnerships with the National Geographic Society and the University of Georgia College of Engineering to prevent and reduce plastic waste in coastlines and waterways and released a mobile app “Marine Debris Tracker” that can log plastic waste pollution. This is a mobile app that allows users to learn about pollution of plastic waste discarded in the ocean and rivers, and the users also can learn how ocean plastic waste is generated and how to solve the problem. It is possible to track and visualize over 2 million plastic waste with this app. Users will be able to think about the way to solve oceanic pollution by deepening their understanding of the sources of plastic waste pollution and gaining scientific knowledge, using the app.

 In April 2019, Morgan Stanley announced “Morgan Stanley’s Plastic Waste Resolution,” a strategic program to reduce plastic waste. The company’s partnership and app release were also conducted as part of this program. These efforts committed to prevent, reduce and remove 50 million metric tons of plastic waste in rivers, oceans, landscapes, and landfills by 2030, and in the future, the company will make efforts to reduce plastic waste in various ways. The company recognizes that reducing plastic waste is an organizational issue that requires innovation, business model optimization, and financing and intends to update the app in cooperation with various organizations and people including researchers, NGOs and individuals while investing in the app for the next 10 years.

Photo: Morgan Stanley

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