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Plant-based egg alternative has been released

The development and introduction of substitutes to traditional foodstuffs such as meat and milk alternative are progressing around the world. Vegans and vegetarians can also enjoy eating with these products that have a low environmental impact.

And amazingly, a new plant-based egg alternative has recently been released. Using this product, not only vegans but also those who are allergic to eggs will be able to enjoy having egg dishes such as scrambled eggs, egg sandwiches, and omelets.

The egg alternative named “JUST Egg” is made from mung beans. Mung beans have the property of gelatinizing when heated, and using this property, an egg-like texture was realized. In addition, the yolks are colored with turmeric. People may care about nutritional balance. JUST Egg keeps almost the same amount of protein as a regular egg while keeping being healthy: A regular egg contains 70 calories and 6g of protein, whereas JUST Egg contains 45 calories and 5g of protein.

This product is very easy to use. You can make a scrambled egg just by taking a liquid like a beaten egg out of the jar and frying it in a normal way. It must be easier than making it with regular eggs. The official website of JUST Egg introduces various recipes using JUST Egg: In addition to classic egg dishes such as omelet, scrambled eggs, and fried rice, ethnic dishes such as tacos, shakshuka, and pad thai.

The impact on the environment also cannot be ignored. Compared to regular eggs, this egg alternative can reduce water consumption by 98%, CO2 emissions by 93%, and land use by 86%.

JUST inc, a manufacturer in the United States, makes dairy-free dressings, mayonnaise, and cookies. According to the company, there are a variety of different reasons for those who buy this product: Some people want to take action for climate change or just want to eat a delicious omelet, others are simply interested in the fact scrambled eggs can be made from plants. In order to solve food-related chronic diseases and climate change issues, the company is seriously aiming to disseminate plant-based foods and transform the current food system centered on soy, corn, processed sugar, and animal protein. Therefore, the company regards it as important to make consumers interested first of all.

Since it is expected to occur food shortages due to the growing global population in addition to environmental issues, the development of food alternatives will continue to be promoted.

Photo:JUST, Inc.

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