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Say goodbye to the unpleasant smell of your personal use bottle

The number of people who have their own bottles to disuse of disposable plastics and save money is increasing. Personal use bottles have the profit of being usable for a long time if you buy one; however, have you ever thought the bottle, especially the one made of plastics, smelled foul while using it? If it smells strange even though being properly washed, you won’t be comfortable as you feel like various germs are breeding. Some of you may have given up to use the personal use bottle because of the uncomfortable smell and have eventually returned to using plastic bottles.  A revolutionary water bottle that never leads consumers to go back to the use plastic bottles has been released by resolving the foul smell of personal use bottles.

LARQ water bottle is almost the same in design as regular bottles but has a greatly different point of having the function of self-cleaning. With the equipment that is built into the lid, the water in the bottle can be sterilized by UV-C LED (deep ultraviolet light) technology. As a result of the antimicrobial efficacy test of the LARQ Bottle against E. coli, it killed 99.9775% of E. coli at 1 minute. In addition, it has a function of automatically cleaning the bottle every 2 hours without manually pushing the lid, which allows the water and bottle to keep clean at all times.  Of course, you can also keep other liquids other than water in this bottle. Double-wall vacuum insulation keeps the liquid cold for 24 hours and hot for 12.

LARQ water bottle is made with stainless steel and BPA-free. The word BPA may not be familiar to you, but BPA is mainly used as a raw material to make polycarbonate plastic and epoxy resins. Since BPA is a chemical that health problems have been pointed out by research, the bottle is labeled as “BPA-free”.

LARQ water bottle also has the collection of “LARQ Bottle Movement.” It has the same self-cleaning function as the LARQ Bottle and is made of ultra-light stainless steel, making it light and ideal for carrying. Since it has a silicone sleeve to protect from impacts and damages, you don’t have to be careful when carrying it.

Depending on the frequency of use, charging needs to be done only once a month for both LARQ Bottle and LARQ Bottle Movements. You can select your favorite from 5 colors (blue, black, mint, white, pink) for LARQ Bottle, and 4 colors (white/coral, white/marine, black/onyx, black/vert) for LARQ Bottle Movement.

Choosing to use a LARQ water bottle is a more ethical decision than buying plastic bottled drinks. It also can save about 54,000 (150 yen x 365 days) yen a year compared to buying a plastic bottled drink every day; therefore, saying goodbye to plastic bottles should be good both for the earth and for yourself!


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