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Wireless headphones without the need for charging

Do you remember the day when a smartphone without a headphone jack was released? It was when iPhone7 was launched in 2016.  The benefit of eliminating the headphone jack is achieved weight-saving and making thinner due to reduced parts. In addition to this, the extra space has made various benefits such as increasing the size of the battery and enhancing waterproofing. Notably, the sound quality has improved. Since the headphone jack was an analog audio output, replacing with digital signals with a lot of information was a great advantage.

However, while wireless headphones have been increasing their share, there have been some concerns as users. It is a concern about the battery charge of the headphone itself including a sudden battery drain. 

A wireless headphone that will make you free from such worries has been released by Harman International in the United States. The “JBL REFLECT Eternal” is the world’s first headphone equipped with solar panels, whose major point is that no charging is required. If you spend 1.5 hours with the self-charging function outside, the total playtime of the headphones will be extended to 68 hours, and if you spend 2 hours, it will be 168 hours. In addition, in the case of spending 2.5 hours, it is possible to use it unlimited every day. According to Harman’s announcement, it is possible to charge even under dim artificial light; therefore, while you are using the headphones even in the office, it is being charged.

Producing such a ground-breaking product is made possible by “Powerfoyle Technology,” a solar panel material developed by Exeger, a Swedish venture company. This panel material uses the latest technology called “dye-sensitized solar cells” using dyes that absorb light based on the principles of photosynthesis in plants. Its shape is thin and light enough to be processed flexibly, and it can be printed in various colors. Of course, you can use the USB Speed Charge if needed. Just 15 minutes charging gets 2 hours of additional playtime.

General release has been undecided, but you can order through a crowdfunding site INDIEGOGO until January 14. Unfortunately, the product can be shipped only to the United States and Germany.

Photo: Harman International

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