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People choose a solar car for driving in the city

An electric vehicle that can drive on charging by solar power, declaring itself as a solar city car, has been released. It is called “Squad.” The electric vehicle, developed by Dutch start-up company Squad Mobility, can drive 20 to 30 kilometers on charging by solar power.

Even though other electric vehicles on sale today do not emit CO2, they need electricity, generated by a power plant somewhere, to drive. However, the “Squad,” drives on 100% sustainable energy, such as solar power, and saves the effort of charging. It is also considered as easy to spread since a special charging station doesn’t have to be installed.

The dimension of the Squad is 2m length, 1m width, and 1.6m height. Although it is basically a two-seater, there are two seats on which two children up to 1.25 meters tall can sit in the case of not being against the law. Squad Mobility is trying to improve the urban traffic environment with this vehicle. It’s a clean and smart traffic environment, with no CO2 emissions because of exhaust gas and the use of fossil fuels and no traffic jams and waiting time for parking to become available.

In terms of its size, it is emphasized on the company’s web page that four Squads can be parked in one SUV’s parking slot. The reason why it is compared with SUV is that it is recognized that other vehicles, such as SUVs, are suitable for family trips and holiday drives. In other words, the company is appealing that the Squad is better for little shopping and commuting. It is trying to improve the traffic environment by allowing people to choose the right means of transportation depending on the case, rather than denying what already exists.

By the way, the maximum speed of Squad is 45 km/h. It is because that there are few opportunities to drive in the city at the speed more than that; however, depending on needs and the sales area, an 80 km/h version will also be offered later.  The retail price is €5,750 (approximately 700,000 yen). Since it is a little expensive to have more than one car for choosing the right vehicle depending on the case, encouraging the use of Squad with a car-sharing service in everyday life may increase the number of users.

Photo:Squad Mobility

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