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Traditional and innovative sustainable nylon bag

Prada has been very popular as an icon for many women. Miuccia Prada, founder’s granddaughter, launched a line of nylon bags in Prada, famous for leather products. These popular products, attracting people’s attention due to its unpredictability, made nylon bag a kind of social phenomenon. Did you know that Prada has newly developed a collection? It has changed the material of the nylon bag that can be said to be Prada’s iconic product from nylon to a sustainable material.

Prada released last June its capsule collection “Re-Nylon” made with the sustainable nylon “ECONYL®.” The company also said that its ultimate goal is to convert all Prada nylon into “ECONYL®” by the end of 2021. What is the sustainable nylon “ECONYL®,” which Prada has been inspired converting all Prada nylon into?

ECONYL® is a nylon developed by the Italian yarn maker Aquafil and made from plastic discarded in landfills and from fishnets, also known as ghost nets. ECONYL® consists of four main processes. 1 Rescue: collecting waste such as fishing nets, fabric scraps, carpet flooring and industrial plastic from landfills and oceans, and sorting and cleaning them. 2 Regenerate: regenerating and purifying the waste into the same quality as original nylon. 3 Remake: being processed into yarn for the clothes and interior goods. 4 Reimagine: developing clothes and interior products using ECONYL® nylon.

It is notable that the ECONYL® not only is a solution to the issue of marine plastic waste but also can significantly reduce the environmental impact of the manufacturing process. For every 10,000 tons of ECONYL® produced, 70,000 barrels of crude oil can be saved, and 57,100 tonnes of CO2 can be avoided. It can also reduce the impact on global warming by up to 80% compared to the production of conventional nylon.

ECONYL® is an innovative material that can recycle waste with a small environmental impact and can be reused unlimitedly without losing quality. It may not be an exaggeration to say that, even if Prada converts the material of traditional nylon bags into the sustainable material, “Re-Nylon,” a capsule collection that has both tradition with innovation, will be standing on a position making a breakthrough in the fashion industry. As of February 2020, 39 interior brands and 232 apparel brands use ECONYL®. The fact that famous brands such as Burberry, adidas, Volcom, and Roxy have adopted ECONYL® is showing that it has the same quality as conventional nylon.

By the way, Prada’s capsule collection “Re-Nylon” is classic style and launches with a total of 6 items both for men and women: the belt bag, the shoulder bag, a tote bag, a duffle bag, and two backpacks. One of the features is that the Prada triangle logo is arranged in a design using arrows like a recycling mark. A percentage of proceeds from the sale of Re-Nylon will be donated to a project related to sustainability.


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