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Cheers with renewable beer!

Beer is one of the drinks loved all over the world. There seem to be many people who enjoy drinking locally produced beer while traveling abroad. Among the beers that people are enjoying all over the world, “Budweiser” should be one of the classic brands. Beer lovers have probably drunk once Budweiser that has a red label and gives you the feeling of beer going down your throat refreshing without the strong taste.

Anheuser-Busch InBev (AB InBev), which produces Budweiser loved by people all over the world and has the largest market share in the beer industry, has signed an agreement with BayWa r.e., a German renewable energy company, and has declared that all of the electricity used in breweries in Europe will be generated from renewable energy sources.

According to the announcement, these two companies have signed a 10-year Virtual Power Purchase Agreement (VPPA), and the electricity will be provided from two solar power plants that will be built in Spain by BayWa r.e.. One of the two sites will be called the Budweiser Solar Farm, which will provide 250 GWh of electricity per year for AB InBev’s breweries. However, it has not been in operation at present, and until it starts running around March 2022, 75 GWh of electricity will be provided from La Muela wind farm that BayWa r.e. has in Zaragoza, Spain.

AB InBev had already announced in March 2017 its “2025 Sustainability Goals” that includes, for example, converting all electricity to 100% renewable energy by 2025, and the recent announcement is part of it. Zone President for Europe at AB InBev, said: “As a brewer, we rely on natural ingredients such as hops, barley, and yeast to make our beers, and that’s why, sustainability is not just part of our business, it is our business.”

With the agreement between AB InBev and Enel Green Power, Thunder Ranch wind farm was built in Oklahoma, USA, and about 50% of the electricity necessary for US operations is provided by renewable energy. The agreement covers AB InBev’s 14 breweries in Western Europe and more than 50 brands, including Budweiser, making it the largest European corporate solar power project in history. Budweiser brewed in Western Europe, where the agreement was declared, also will have a symbol that indicates that it was brewed with 100% renewable energy.

In addition, AB InBev has also signed a power purchase agreement (PPA) in South Africa with a local solar power plant and announced that it will use renewable energy at 7 breweries in South Africa. It is not so long until AB InBev converts all electricity to renewable energy by 2025.

Recently, many companies try to run their businesses with renewable resources: Amazon has launched three renewable energy projects to make the proportion of renewable energy 100% by 2030; Microsoft declared that, by 2030, it will remove carbon emitted since its establishment in 1975. Shouldn’t we, as consumers, have a perspective of a “green” option on the products we purchase?


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