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Do you think of the value for money when you buy clothes? As it is said, “penny wise and pound foolish,” no matter how cheap it is, bad quality items will be soon thrown away. The number of people who cares about how these clothes were made seems to have increased in recent years. Do you know the apparel brand called “EVERLANE” that has a good price, quality, ethical production?

EVERLANE is based in San Francisco and is a popular brand that offers quality comparable to high brands and a design that is not influenced by trends or seasons, which is attracting enthusiastic fans all over the world. EVERLANE’s notable characteristic is “transparency.” At the bottom of each item page, breakdown of its offered price (materials, hardware, labor, duties, transportation) is described. By describing the price of the items along with these details, consumers will be able to buy them with agreeing on the price. However, EVERLANE’s transparency is not only about price. To achieve transparency in corporate ethics, the company committed in 2018 that it will eradicate the use of materials made from virgin plastics, including polyester and nylon, by 2021.

“There are eight billion tons of plastic waste on the planet, which is a huge amount of one ton per person of the world’s total population,” says Michael Preysman, founder and chief executive officer. “At present, since plastic materials are used in various processes from manufacturing to shipping, the decision to not use virgin plastics needed a large-scale change in the supply chain; however, in consideration of the impact on the environment, we made this decision.”  It is estimated that the company expects to use about 100 million plastic bottles by 2021. Even though it is small compared to the fact that 500 billion water bottles are produced every year, it is not futileness, rather a positive step.

The company unveiled its first collection “ReNew” in the winter of 2018. This collection is made with threads that are reborn as fibers after collecting and washing plastic bottles and making them into fine chips, and 3 million recycled plastic bottles are used for the manufacture of 13 men’s and women’s items for fall/winter. Items include hooded jackets, lightweight jackets and sweatshirts. and there is a wide variety of colors: lavender, mustard and navy.

EVERLANE’s 2018 street advertising in New York City well-expressed the company’s message. The word “Used once,” with the picture of a plastic bottle is on the left, and “Worn forever,” with a guy wearing the coat on the right side. This has a message that says, “From a plastic bottle that has been used only once to a coat that can be worn forever.” 

Even though EVERLANE is not well known in Japan, the company has a Japanese-language website, and you can order its items from Japan. The season to get new spring outfits has almost come. Why not try an EVERLANE item?


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