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Mascara is helpful for wildlife care

Those who love makeup should have a variety of mascara: long type, volume type, and colored type. After finishing to use them, you will throw them in the trash. Appalachian Wildlife Refuge, a not-for-profit organization that protects injured wildlife, which is based in North Carolina, USA calls for “do not throw away used mascara!” Do you know why?

It is because they will help to remove dirt, scratches, ticks and fly larvae on the wildlife bodies. If fly larvae enter the wound, it can be fatal for many animals; however, using tweezers may hurt them. Since mascara has short hair, it can easily remove the larvae without damaging the skin. Kimberly Brewster, co-founder of the Appalachian Wildlife Refuge, said in an interview with CNN: “There’s nothing that is made like a mascara wand. It actually makes the treatment much faster, which saves the animals from being stressed longer than they have to be.”

The idea came from Savannah Trantham, another co-founder. When she posted the idea to her Facebook page and asked her friends for sending her their used mascaras, she got surprising responses. 3,000 people suddenly shared their posts and asked her how to donate. Since the posts were spread in 2017, the Appalachian Wildlife Refuge has received over 15,000 mascaras. Donations were made from various sources such as individuals, sororities, companies, church organizations, and youth organizations, including the makeup section of the crime drama series Blacklist on NBC TV in the United States.

Kimberly Brewster’s ultimate goal is to turn the non-profit Appalachian Wildlife Refuge into a wildlife emergency medical facility. As a result of this spread, the number of volunteers at the facility has increased from 30 to 60, approaching the goal of establishing the wildlife emergency medical facility.

Some people may think that they would like to make a donation if their mascaras are useful. However, as a result of the great response, currently, it is only available in October and February. Remember to clean your mascara brush with soap before donating it. Of course, even those who do not have mascara can do something for wildlife. You can make a contribution by donating foods, supplies or money from the wishlist of the Appalachian Wildlife Refuge.

The wishlist of Appalachian Wildlife Refuge

Photo: Appalachian Wildlife Refug

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