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United Nations releases an “Environmental-Issue Game”

You may play games on your smartphone in your spare time. Having a smartphone is now the same as having a gaming device. It may not be an exaggeration to say that today is the era that all humans are gamers.

The United Nations (UN) focused on such an era and announced the release of the game, of which the title is “Mission 1.5.” It is currently available in the six official languages ​​of the United Nations, English, French, Arabic, Chinese, Russian and Spanish, and can be played around the world using a PC or smartphone. There is a possibility that the supported languages ​​will increase in the future.

This game is a sugoroku-style quiz on the globe stage. You, as a citizen of a certain country, answer the quizzes about global warming in six stages and prevent the temperature rise by giving correct answers. The stages are Nature, Energy, Green Economy, Farms & Food, Transport, and Protecting People. If the average global temperature rise is kept within 1.5 degrees after answering all the questions, that means you beat the stage.

Now, some of you may wonder, “It’s a bit unplayful even though it’s a game.” That’s true. The real aim of the UN, the developer of this game, is not providing entertainment but conducting the world’s largest public opinion poll on the environment. The UN wants to receive opinions from 20 million people worldwide through this survey. Questions in the quiz are common all over the world, and people around the world derive answers to one “environmental issue.” 

According to the announcement, the game industry in the world is larger than the combined movie and music industry. The goal is to close the gap between citizens and the government on climate change through game-style opinion polls. With this approach, the UN is trying to reach out to governments with the frank opinions of those who have not been involved in discussing environmental issues. The announcement of this game is distributed not only on the UN website but also through some of the most popular video games in the world.

After the completion of the three-choice quiz, players will be asked to vote on climate change measures that their own governments should take. Although players have to choose an answer, those who took the three-choice quiz will know which one they should choose. The voting data will be analyzed by researchers of Oxford University and provided to government leaders and climate policymakers.

The survey was organized by a team of experts in game development, climate science, and opinion polls, centered on United Nations Development Program (UNDP), one of the main UN agencies. The UNDP plays a role in connecting individuals, businesses, and governments to create new ideas to solve social issues. In different political and economic situations by country and region, the strategy of using the world’s common entertainment for issues that need to be addressed globally is breakthrough as a new attempt. Let’s play the game!

Photo:Mission 1.5

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