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Ultra-compact two-seater EV with a touch of classical mood

Although Renault and Peugeot are famous for French auto manufacturer, don’t forget the eccentric auto manufacturer Citroën. With having a fashionable image, it produces a lot of innovative cars with novel models. The 2CV, that was used in the movie of Lupin the Third “The Castle of Cagliostro,” was made fun of because of its novel design when it was first released; however, it had excellent driving performance and economy and recorded world-class sales. The latest electric car “Citroën Ami” released by Citroën also has “Citroën’s uniqueness.”

Citroën positions the announced Ami as a mobility solution for cities. The size is 2.41m in length, 1.39m in width, 1.52m in height, and the minimum turning radius is 3.6m, which seems to make it easy for drivers to drive and park in narrow alleys. In addition, Ami is designed with two seats for two people to sit side by side. It also has a 64-liter storage at the foot of the seat. It is comfortable since it has an air conditioning function and you can charge your smartphone inside the car. Moreover, the side windows are designed to be manually tilted up and opened like 2CV, showing the Citroën’s uniqueness.

The maximum output of a motor that drives a 490kg auto body is 6kW. It has been announced that the maximum speed is 45km/h, and the driving range per charge is 70km. In terms of the charging time, it takes about three hours for a standard household charge. And surprisingly, since Ami does not require a driver’s license, anyone over 14 in France (16 in other European countries) can drive.

There are several plans for driving Ami. In France, if you drive Ami with a car rental service, it takes an initial cost of €2,644 (about 310,000 yen) + monthly cost of €19.99 (about 2,400 yen). If you use the car-sharing service, you can drive the car at a cost of €0.26 (about 31 yen) per minute. You also can purchase Ami for €6,000 (about 720,000 yen), which is lowering the hurdle for people to use it.

Ami will be available for order in France on March 30, 2020, and then it also will be launched in Spain, Italy, Belgium, Portugal and Germany. The first deliveries are scheduled for June in France. It is not planned to be released in Japan due to incompatibility with the regulations in Japan. Human being has developed civilization by using transportation by automobile and airplane, but in return, it has caused the deterioration of the global environment. Mobility should continue to evolve dramatically in the future, and change to mobility that is sustainable and enriches people’s lives like Ami will be expected.

Photo:Groupe PSA Japan Co., Ltd.

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