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Realizing a recycling-oriented society with compostable diapers

Diapers are commodities that many people use in their lives. It is one of the daily necessities which is indispensable not only for babies but also for people with disabilities and the elderly. Did you know that no recycling system for diapers has been established yet despite high household consumption? Behind its convenience, in recent years, it has been considered by local governments around the world as a waste issue that impacts the environment.

This February, DYPER based in the United States launched a diaper that can be converted to compost without turning it into the garbage. Compost from diapers is used for special purposes such as trees and flowers in the central part of highways. Most used diapers have been sent to landfills without being recycled until now. It is amazing that they are useful for society as a compost.

On the other hand, there actually has long been a way to compost diapers. What makes DYPER’s product revolutionary is the fact that a business operator collects used diapers. The company offers a subscription service for its diapers, diapers are delivered on a regular basis. The used diapers, if you put them in a dedicated box, will be collected by a courier who regularly delivers the products. Families that need diapers should be busy. Not having to do anything special to compost diapers is a huge benefit for users.

DYPER has realized this composting business by going into partnership with Terra Cycle which operates a waste management business in 21 countries around the world. Regarding the diaper collection business, Tom Szaky, CEO of the TerraCycle, emphasized: “It has to be extremely easy for users, easier than throwing them away.” Although you know it is good for the environment, it would not be accepted if that action puts a burden on you. Whether we can take environmentally friendly actions is likely to apply to everything, not just diapers.

By the way, viscose fiber made from bamboo is used for parts that directly touch the skin and the external sheet of DYPER diapers. Bamboo grows fast ― it is said to be 120cm a day ― and is attracting attention as a recyclable resource. Since the viscose fiber, which is made of the bamboo, is made of carbohydrates, it has biodegradability that makes microorganisms decomposed. In addition, no harmful chemicals such as chlorine, alcohol, and fragrance are used to compost. Growing trees in the city with diaper compost means that bedridden people and newborn babies participate in a social activity indirectly. The spread of compostable diapers may not only lead to the realization of a recycling-oriented society but also to the construction of a society where everyone can participate.

Photo: DYPER

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