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Nike shoes with the lowest carbon footprint ever

In 2020, many sustainable shoes have been launched one after another. ecoist has posted articles on Allbids with Merino wool and eucalyptus fibers for the upper part and Adidas running shoes made from recyclable materials, from soles to shoelaces. And now, Nike has launched new sustainable shoes.

The sustainable shoes “Space Hippie” is produced with the lowest carbon footprint score in the company’s history. Space Hippie is made by transforming scrap material that are discarded on factory floors, which is “space junk” for Nike. As a step to addressing the urgency of the climate change problem, it’s an experimental footwear collection focused on circularity. Regarding the first four products to be deployed as the Space Hippie collection, from the selection of materials, production methods to packaging materials, all elements are carefully selected in consideration of the environmental impact.

Engineered knits that form the Space Hippie uppers are made from what we call “Space Waste Yarn.” These yarns are made from 100% recycled material, including recycled plastic water bottles, T-shirts and yarn scraps. In addition, “Zoom X foam,” a cushioning part, is made from scraps from the factory that manufactures the running shoes “Vaporfly 4%,” and this approximately halves the carbon footprint compared to using regular foam materials. For soles, by blending conventional Nike foams with rubber made by Nike’s recycling program “Nike Grind” by 15%, CO2 emissions during production are reduced.

The Space Hippie collection will be available in the summer of 2020, with a total of four models: three for men and one for women. Recently, not only shoes but also clothes made of ethically procured materials and manufacturing methods have been produced. The day when various things around you, from clothes to shoes, becomes ethical, may come soon.

Photo:NIKE Inc

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