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Liverpool FC reuses plastic cups

At the FIFA Club World Cup 2019 held in December 2019, Liverpool FC beat South America national team Flamengo (Brazil) in extra time and won for the first time. If you like European football, you should know that Liverpool FC’s supporters are enthusiastic and it is famous that they sing the supporter song “You’ll never walk alone” before games to convey their passion to the players. Liverpool FC, which matches well with the team color red, announced in February 2020 that it will become “green” in a sustainability partnership.

Becoming “green” means that it will take actions to meet its sustainability goals by further reducing food waste at its home stadium, Anfield Stadium through a new partnership with lugis based in Europe and Australia. For the actions, as part of Liverpool FC’s “Reds Go Green initiative,” Iugis’s food waste solution machines have been installed at Anfield stadium. This food waste solution uses microorganisms and oxygen to transform the food waste into water. The installation of the machines can reduce CO2 emissions and traffic congestion when collecting food waste at the stadium and prevent water and air pollutions from landfilling food waste.

The “Reds Go Green initiative” has had a significant impact on improving the club’s environmental impact and promoting sustainability, over the past few years. In particular, it is making active efforts to reduce disposable plastics: Anfield Stadium has switched plastic cups to reusable cups for drinks served at kiosks and street food vendors from October 2019. These cups will be reused if supporters return them to the nearest kiosk or passing them to volunteers for Reds Go Green initiative who are standing by during the game. The initiative will reduce approximately 170,000 plastic cups per season. In addition to this, it is also working to replace plastic disposable straws, stirrers, and cutlery with compostable alternatives made from corn.

It is disappointing that watching the games of the favorite team brings about global environmental deterioration. To avoid this, not only the club makes efforts but the fans also need to contribute to the initiative by cooperating with the plastic cup collection program and not leaving foods on their plates.


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