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A plastic bottle made from 100% ocean plastic

When you find an unfamiliar drink on a shelf at a convenience store, you may be interested and pick it up. The beverage industry has a high product turnover, and this spring, an unusual drink was launched in the United States. The product was produced by Lance Collins who has the nickname of “the king of beverage.” He is an industry revolutionary, renowned for developing the healthy drink FUZE, of which he sold the ownership to Coca-Cola in 2007, and the BODY ARMOR, a sports drink that is gluten-free and available also for vegans.

In March 2020, Collins launched “ZEN WTR,” alkaline ionized water. Alkaline ionized water has already been known widely to the world, and many people may be wondering at its launch. The appeal of this new product is not the contents but the container. This bottle in a stylish package is a recycled plastic bottle made from 100% ocean plastic. CarbonLITE, a California-based plastic producer, collects plastic bottles that were supposed to be taken to a landfill and transform them into recycled plastic bottles.

Collins taken the world’s trends, such as health and diversity, into the industry and brought a revolution. What he introduced in the new product was sustainability. Collins said: “As a culture, we have to clean up the ocean, switch to electric-powered cars, and we have to improve our carbon footprint. We want to show an example that selling consumer goods can contribute to improving climate change.”

According to Collins, ZEN WTR is targeted at millennial and Gen Z, which means a generation of 30s and younger. There are various definitions of the characteristics of both generations, and there also is data that these generations have a strong interest in social issues because they are constantly connected to the world through SNS. Is drinking water that incorporates the keywords of “sustainability” actually acceptable to these younger generation?

In fact, sustainability has already been a key differentiator in the US’s drinking water industry. Regarding Ever & Ever released in June 2019, the contents are water, but aluminum bottles are used for the containers. Although the strength is the adoption of aluminum, which can be recycled repeatedly, the price is set about twice as high as the plastic bottled water. In addition, Liquid Death is also gaining in popularity. The contents are water and soda water, and the container is an aluminum bottle.

ZEN WTR is currently being available at retail stores such as Walmart and ampm on the west coast and southwest of the United States. Which will be better aluminum bottles or recycled plastic bottles for the sustainability of drinking water, or are they coexisting? Which do you consider more environmentally friendly?


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