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An application used for waste collection

What do you do with the old mobile phones and PCs? While some of them are discarded, the others are treated in various ways such as being kept, recycled, or sold at second-hand to people who need.

However, according to a UN survey, about 50 million tons of electronic devices are discarded as waste (e-waste) every year, only around 20% of which are officially recycled. It is said, when being properly treated, the e-waste is worth $62.5 billion annually. It is a waste to discard it for no special reason.

Currently, about 88,000 tons of such e-waste are discarded without being used effectively each year in Egypt, in the Middle East. Therefore, in the spring of 2020, the government launched a measure using a mobile phone application named “e-Tadweer.” You can provide the old devices to designated recycling factories by using this app when electronic devices are broken or they are replaced by new ones, and then you will receive a discount voucher that you can use when you purchase a new electronic device. The aim is to promote consumers’ awareness to recycling by using discount vouchers. In addition, with the development of the app, the government granted licenses of recycling to seven domestic factories. Since jobs in factories related to e-waste will increase, the improvement of the unemployment rate is expected.

By the way, Switzerland cooperated in the development of this app. Egypt and Switzerland started the e-waste management project in 2016 and are working to raise public awareness of the proper management of waste that does not return to the soil. One of their efforts is a street cleaning app.

In fact, the waste issues in Egypt is more serious than you might imagine, which is found by the results of a survey showing that 44.8% of households and 52% of manufacturers discard waste on the streets. Under these circumstances, a street cleaning app called “Dawar” was introduced in 2018. This is a convenient service: when a citizen finds a heap of garbage on a street and takes a picture with a mobile phone and uploads it, a waste-collection company comes to clean the garbage based on the GPS information of the picture. After the completion of cleaning-up, the user will receive a picture of the street from which the garbage has been removed. Although it was initially operated only in a part of the capital city of Cairo, the area of the service will be gradually expanded.


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