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A portable charger made from 100% recycled materials

Many people may not be able to do without a portable charger. Recently, small-sized and large-capacity convenient products have been becoming popular. Is your portable charger eco-friendly?

A portable charger by gomi design based in Brighton, UK is made from 100% recycled materials as a “charger that cleans the earth.” The company raised money this April through Kickstarter, and it was over £29,000 (about 3.88 million yen), which was far higher than the target of £4,000 (about 530 thousand yen).

The eye-catching marble-patterned design was created by melting and mixing waste such as plastic bags and bubble wrap. All materials are sourced directly from local food wholesalers and other companies/individuals. It is said that producing unique-designed item that can never be exactly replicated will lead the owner to use it carefully. Regarding its battery, those that were “imperfect” and could not be on sale due to problems on its appearance such as printing errors are reused in cooperation with local battery manufacturers and suppliers.

Despite using Kickstarter, gomi design is already known to the world. In 2018, the company raised money through the kickstart program of the environmental NPO “Environment Now” to create a Bluetooth speaker made from 100% recycled materials, just like their charger. Its marble-patterned design made by melting plastics was inherited from the speaker and has now become an icon of the company. Following the acclaimed speaker, the company decided to develop a new charger with the same concept in order to further increase the recycling amount of plastic waste.

It is making more achievements in addition to the speaker: creating a commemorative trophy for the German fashion festival Berlin Commercial and making a soap stand in collaboration with SOAP STUDIO, which sells eco-friendly soaps. The design philosophy common to all projects is “How can we turn pollutant waste materials into cherished products that people will love using every day?” Based on that, in the development of the charger, there are basic principles including: “having beauty as an art,” “avoiding CO2 emissions from locally manufacturing and transporting it,” and “designing for easy recycling after its use.”

The chargers measure 12cm x 8cm x 2.5cm and weigh about 280g. It has a capacity of 12,000mAh and can charge two devices simultaneously, with three to six full charges. Since all of its parts are designed to be modular, it can be easily disassembled and recycled as the materials for other products. The products that have reached the end of their life will be collected by the company free of charge.

When it comes to eco-friendly products, we tend to imagine something natural that is derived from nature, but gomi design’s products are sophisticated, urban, and industrial designs. Although it is natural because it is a recycled plastic product, if you are attracted to this marble-patterned product, it is recommended to check out the site.

Photo:gomi design

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