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A cat house made from cardboard

Many of you may have cut and attached cardboard boxes to create your own secret base as a child. Although you could enjoy playing with cardboard boxes when childhood, now you just throw them away as garbage. Why don’t you enjoy your creative activities again by up-cycling the cardboards into furniture such as a magazine rack?

Cardboards used for packaging three types of TVs (Serif, Frame, and Sero) sold by Samsung, a general electrical manufacturer, have been transformed into items useful for daily life, such as cat houses, magazine racks, side tables, and coffee tables. No additional tools are needed, and you just download the instructions from the QR code printed on the side of each cardboard. Since a myriad of small dots called a dot matrix design are arranged at equal intervals, users can also draw their own blueprints to create original furniture.

The cardboard box introduced by Samsung is called the eco-packaging, which won CES 2020*1 Innovation Awards. Cardboard box is used to protect goods; however, many of them are not recycled, and about 90 billion cardboard boxes are discarded each year in the United States alone for a single use. Samsung has introduced the eco-packaging to reduce the amount of waste and promote efficient use of resources.

In addition, as part of the development of a new eco-packaging, the company held a contest in collaboration with Dezeen, a British lifestyle magazine, from April 6 2020 to May 20 2020. The most unique and actionable idea will be awarded a prize of $20,000 and will actually be used for the cardboard up-cycle idea.

Kangwook Chun, Head of Product Strategy Team of Visual Display Business at Samsung Electronics, said about eco-packaging: “Consumers are more likely to purchase from a brand that shares similar fundamentals and values as they do, and with our eco-packaging, we believe that we can provide our customers with a new experience that considers the environment as an important way to express themselves.”

Up-cycling cardboard boxes is not new, but it makes us realize that new ideas can be created from garbage depending on the idea. How about adding a new item to your room with a simple process of cutting and attaching?

CSE: Abbreviation for Consumer Electronics Show. It is an industry electronics trade fair held every January in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. It has the world’s largest scale along with the International Consumer Electronics Show (IFA) held in Berlin, Germany, and companies from all over the world participate and show off many new products and prototypes every year.


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