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Eco-friendly cargo bike delivery

Internet shopping is very convenient because you can see many shops without going out and deliver them to your house. Thanks to transportation companies, this convenience plays an important role in supporting economic activities and daily life. On the other hand, however, trucking has been seen as a problem in terms of the global environment, as it emits substances that cause air pollution and carbon dioxide that causes global warming. Transportation companies around the world are tackling climate change and air pollution by promoting modal shifts. DHL, an international shipping and logistics company, is one such company and recently announced that it is testing an eco-friendly, low-power electric assist cargo bike in Miami. Low power electric assist cargo bike? I think many people say so, but a cargo bike is a bicycle for carrying luggage. Low-power electric assisted cargo bikes are bicycles designed to carry luggage and have electric assists to support human power.

DHL Express has announced a partnership with REEEF technology, the operator of North America’s largest mobility and logistics hub. They piloted four low-power electric assisted cargo bikes for delivery across Miami. Like a tricycle, it has three wheels, equipped with a freight container, with a maximum weight of 400 pounds (about 181 kg) and a volume of 60 cubic feet (about 1.69 cubic meters). This trial is expected to reduce CO2 emissions by 101,000 kg per year. DHL is already using cargo bikes in several European cities other than Miami and is participating in a pilot program to reduce traffic congestion and carbon dioxide emissions in New York City.

Cargo bikes have been introduced as part of the DHL Group’s “GoGreen Environmental Protection Program”. The main objective of the GoGreen Environmental Protection Program is to reduce or avoid emissions of greenhouse gases and local air pollutants, with the goal of “Eliminate all distribution-related emissions by 2050”. In response to this goal, DHL said, “It is an ambitious goal, but we are confident that we can achieve it by leveraging new technologies and employee dedication and expertise and working with our customers and partners.”

Efforts of shipping companies are very important for climate change and air pollution. However, we, as consumers, can also reduce the environmental impact of transportation by receiving packages at once and requesting for delivery in bulk. It’s not difficult to do, so let’s do one by one.


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