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Green School Opens in New Zealand

The Green School in Bali is famous as the eco-friendly school in the world. Many media have introduced this school because of its characteristic curriculum for developing future leaders and school buildings made of bamboo, so many of you may have heard of the name of the school. The Green School of New Zealand opened this year and is once again drawing attention. The Green School offers a unique curriculum and school facilities that you might want to study if you can return to your children.

The most interesting point in New Zealand is the school building. Bali’s Green School was in the jungle, but New Zealand’s school is located on the west coast of North Island, with a laid-back atmosphere at the foot of the majestic Mount Taranaki. The school building was designed by international and local designers, architects and engineers. The design, which features a curvy shape, is made to support alternative thinking.

And the learning curriculum at New Zealand also puts the primary focus on empowering students to be creative and innovative changemakers. Green School offers learning styles that focus on the development of students’ physical, emotional, intellectual and rich expressiveness. The content of the curriculum is based on learning about the subject of your choice and hands-on learning focusing on business, environment, arts, health and well-being.

At New Zealand schools, the skills that students acquire are also different from the traditional school. Entrepreneurial thinking and practical communicative competence are the primary concerns, and students are trained to be empowered decision makers and willingness to take risks.For example, the Green Stone Project will be held in Year 13. This is an opportunity to focus on individual interests and help students develop deep research and presentation skills. This long-term project is designed entirely by the students themselves based on their passion and interests. The final part of the project consists of a 13 minute presentation based on the spirit of the TED Talk. Although each stage of education has its own characteristics, Green School emphasizes the ability to think and how to interact with others in each stage.

There are surely many people who want more schools like Green School, which produces innovative human resources suitable for the next generation with a unique education style. By the way, The Green School in South Africa and Mexico Turum are scheduled to open in 2021.

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