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Save the Endangered Mountain Gorilla!

Virunga National Park is located in the northeastern Democratic Republic of the Congo in Africa, near the border with Uganda. In the wildlife park, six conservationists who were protecting the mountain gorilla were attacked by armed militias in April 2020.

The Virunga National Park where the incident occurred is the oldest national park in Africa and is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This park is one of the most biologically diverse sites in the world and It is home to hundreds of species of birds, reptiles and mammals, and a herd of endangered mountain gorillas. 

In such a national park, the violent incidents involved the large-scale migration of refugees and displaced persons and the proliferation of armed groups due to the Great Lakes region conflict that began in the 1990s. Since then, Virunga National Park has suffered from chronic instability such as deforestation and poaching. Even in this situation, the Virunga National Park ranger pays around $250 and uses limited equipment to protect wildlife from poachers.

In addition to the incident, the Ebola outbreak and the significant reduction in tourism income due to COVID-19 put Virunga National Park under further threat. However, in an effort to help the crisis, the Virunga Fund was launched with support from Hollywood actors Leonardo DiCaprio and Emerson Collective (Co-founder of Earth Alliance * 1), the European Commission. The Virunga Fund uses donations to prevent disease and protect endangered mountain gorillas.

The Virunga Fund website provides examples of how even small donations will be enough to help them, as described below. You might think it’s a distant country, but it’s also a good idea to start by looking at what’s happening in the world, think about what you can do, and put it into practice. We, four ecoist editors, also donated $50 from our pocket money. We made it easy on their website!

$8 – 1 new pair of boots for the ranger
$32 – funding rangers for one day (includes family health insurance)
$50 – One month of assistance for the widows and children of the fallen ranger
$150 – 2 week diet and supplements for orphaned gorillas
$500 – One aerial surveillance flight to protect elephants, hippos, elephants and hippos.
$1,000 – comprehensive cleanup and removal of deadly traps in the mountain gorilla sector

* 1
Earth Alliance is an environmental organization founded by actor Leonardo DiCaprio and others. It expressed its support for Australian forest fires and forest fire in the Amazon region.

Photo:Virunga Fund

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