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Transitioning from animal leather to alternative leather

A number of apparel brands, which have said “fashion does not require animal sacrifice,” such as Prada Group, Gucci, and Chanel, has been increasing. As it becomes mainstream that these national brands make products without using animal-based materials, products made with plant-based materials are attracting more attention. You may be wondering if it is difficult to reproduce the texture and appearance of leather products with plants; however, alternative leathers that are as good as real leathers have been invented with knowledge and technology.

Ecoist introduced an alternative leather made of cactus before, and this time, we would like to introduce “Apple leather” and “Wood leather.”

The “Apple Leather” and “Wood Leather” are produced by OLIVER based in London, UK. The company was established by Matt Oliver in 2017 and has been working on producing sustainable vegan accessories. Matt Oliver is a product designer who has learned sustainable design. Based on his experience designing luxury watches, he wanted to create a brand with the same level of detail and craftsmanship as the luxury watch. With this vision, OLIVER has produced products, not a compromised sustainable product, with minimalism and high function, of which the company pursued the aesthetics and functionality.

The Apple leather, produced by OLIVER with such aesthetics, is made by mixing 50% apple waste from Bolzano in northern Italy, one of the world’s largest apple producing areas, and 50% polyurethane, and coating it onto a cotton and polyester canvas. Using recycled resources will greatly reduce the amount of water required and CO2, compared to using other leathers and synthetic leathers. According to OLIVER, the texture is very durable and soft.

Wood leather is made by cutting thin wood sheets with micro laser etchings and sticking it like a leather to the fabric with an eco-friendly adhesive. The characteristic grain makes each product unique. In addition, all wood to be processed is sourced from FSC® approved forests that guarantee the traceability and origin of the wood. It reduces CO2 emitted into the atmosphere by up to 60%. By the way, the texture of the Wood leather is amazingly soft, according to OLIVER, and the linings used in Apple and Wood leather products are made from the finest Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified fair trade cottons, Tencel, and recycled polyester.

OLIVER not only considers raw materials and invisible parts but also focuses on ethics and transparency. In close cooperation with European suppliers, the company maintains a high standard of ethics from production of the materials through to the product manufacturing, shows transparency by disclosing the cost of manufacturing at our online shop, and shares the stories with its users how its products came.

Like as fake fur has become mainstream from real fur, animal leather may also be replaced with alternative leather. Apple and Wood leather products can be purchased from OLIVER’s online shop and shipped to any country in the world.


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