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A small car that is adjustable in size

A compact electric vehicle nicknamed “Traffic ninja” is under development. With a variable chassis, the width of the body can be changed, and it is the mobility of the near future with the characteristics of both car and motorcycle.

It’s an electric car developed by Polish startup Triggo. Like a movie transformer, you can open and close the chassis with one button and change the tire position to widen or narrow the vehicle width. In cruise mode, which stabilizes the vehicle body, the vehicle width is 148 cm and the maximum speed is 90 km/h. You can drive at high speed on regular roads like other cars. On the other hand, the steering mode in which the chassis width is 86 cm and the vehicle width is 86 cm is used mainly for passing in traffic jams and parking. It is easier to turn than a small car, and the road width required for a U-turn is 3.5 m. It’s easy to enter a small residential area. Maximum speed of the steering mode is limited to 25 km/h.

The total length of the car is 2.6 m and can accommodate two people. If you park in the steering mode, you can park 5 cars in the parking lot for 1 car. Equipped with an 8kWh battery that can be easily replaced, it can travel about 100 km on a single charge. In addition, the digital drive function of the wire control system allows the vehicle to drive in line with other vehicles following the leading vehicle. The interchangeable battery and these digital control functions are said to support c new mobile services such as robot taxis as well as car sharing.Production will start as early as 2021. The company says it intends to obtain patents in the EU, US, Japan, China and India.

ecoist frequently introduces ultra-compact mobility. A major premise behind development is the demand for vehicles that emit no air pollutants. In addition, there are changes in the actual conditions of automobile use in overcrowded urban traffic congestion and regional traffic. For example, there are fewer opportunities to drive long distances from home, and the average number of passengers is two or less. As a result, many people around the world are looking for smaller electric vehicles that are both environmentally and people friendly.

RafałBudweil, founder of Triggo, says that the worldwide trend of COVID -19 is helping to boost sales of this vehicle. “After a pandemic, our daily lives can change dramatically. In particular, users’ aversion to public transport as a high-risk area may increase. Meanwhile, cities will promote smaller, more environmentally friendly means of transportation to avoid congestion. The solution might be Triggo.”.

Triggo aims to answer urban and environmental issues such as rush hour traffic and air pollution through a “transformation” of a playful chassis. The near future mobility born in Poland may make the future fun and bright.


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