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Paper is used instead of bubble wrap

Is online shopping increasing due to COVID-19 effect? And are you having trouble with the increase in online shops? Many people say that a lot of cardboard is piled up and it takes a lot of space to store it, or it is troublesome to cut and open the tape each time it arrives.

BOTTA Packaging, an Italian packaging company, has developed a product for packaging materials for online shopping in an effort to reduce the hassle of such users. The company focused on envelopes that combine cardboard and bubble wrap. Normal cushioned envelopes must be separated into paper and plastic when discarded. If paper is the only material, you don’t need to do that.

The company teamed up with Italian supermarket chain Esselunga to develop a 100% cardboard envelope with protective features. The structure of the envelope is two layers. The inner layer, which corresponds to bubble wrap, is a cushioning material made of corrugated paper, and it is possible to secure the same level of durability and rigidity as before. This makes it possible to safely deliver fragile items such as eggs and glass bottles, which are often delivered from supermarkets. The envelopes are also made of recycled paper and can be returned to soil or 100% recycled.

The results of a survey released by the British consulting firm “Coleman Parkes” in 2018 motivated BOTTA Packaging to develop this new envelope. In that survey, 75% of consumers said that container and package sustainability would influence future purchasing decisions. It even mentioned that most consumers stop supporting the brand if they decide that the package is not sustainable.

“The results of the survey influenced our corporate strategy.” says Lara Botta, vice president of BOTTA Packaging. And they invested in a deep study of the sustainability theme of the packaging industry. It was a complete review of the company’s business—outside and inside materials, cushioning materials to fill gaps, logistics, manufacturing process optimization, and raw materials.

In recent years, management focused on ESG (Environment, Society, Governance) like this company has continued to spread worldwide. This is evidence that there is a growing environmental awareness of the society around the company, including customers, employees, business partners, communities and investors. Historically, old companies were crazy about paying attention only to their financial valuations and achieving targets in the short term, and as a result, caused repeated pollution and labor problems. Due to these past mistakes, in recent years there has been a growing recognition that not only financial aspects but also ESG evaluation is necessary. It is necessary for companies to proactively insist from an ESG perspective in order to create a better society.

Photo:BOTTA Packaging

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