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Smart speaker advises garbage disposal

Smart speakers can help with little things in your daily life, like playing music, turning on lights, and keeping an eye on your pets while you’re out. And now they’ll support even the smallest questions about daily garbage collection.

Developers have announced that Echo and other devices powered by Amazon’s AI Alexa will be able to get information about waste, including garbage collection dates. Based on the address associated with the account, it can correspond to different collection dates depending on the area. It is currently being piloted in parts of the United Kingdom.

Alexa can extend its functionality by getting an app called “Skill”. A new skill for responding to recycling, called “Nvirobot” was developed by the British company Veolia. Veolia is a global company that manages and recycles resources such as waste, energy, and water. The company claims that recycling at home can be done efficiently with its digital technology.

Nvirobot’s catch phrase is “YOUR ENVIRONMENTAL ASSISTANT”. Currently, it is equipped with a function to answer questions such as “When is the day of recyclable garbage?” and “When will you take the black trash can away?”. In the future, Nvirobot will be able to advise on the congestion of local recycling facilities and recyclable resources, as well as provide notification of waste collection dates.

The company has designed systems to help local governments and businesses digitize, such as automating the resource collection and sorting process. For example, based on traffic congestion information, the system has instructed collection vehicles to take efficient routes to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, and has avoided traffic congestion caused by collection vehicles. By controlling the flow of waste through a digital system, the company aims to improve the efficiency of resource recovery by government and companies.

Despite the garbage that can be recycled as resources, many people probably throw it out as burnable or non-burnable waste. The fact that the rules differ depending on the region is also considered to be one of the reasons why the recycling rate of garbage does not increase. If environmental assistants automatically provide information on each region, the possibility that garbage will be recycled into resources may increase. 


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