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New self-sustainable microhome

Young people around the world are becoming more minimalist. The idea of the minimalist is that we can live more affluent lives by eliminating unnecessary things and using only the minimum necessary things. Generally, the minimalist doesn’t care about the size of the house. We’ve previously covered a small off-grid cabin for the Australian summer holiday. The cabin was designed to blend in nicely with nature. However, a Slovak company has released “SPACE by Ecocapsule ®”, which has a completely different concept from the cabin and is a design that will be liked by minimalists who love science fiction.

The exterior of “SPACE by Ecocapsule ®” is truly a huge metallic egg. The visual impact of this futuristic design is sure to attract attention. “SPACE by Ecocapsule ®” is the successor to “Ecocapsule ® ORIGINAL” which was released by Ecocapsule Inc in 2018.

“Ecocapsule ® ORIGINAL” was a completely off-grid type that was not connected to the power grid of an electric power company. It was a micro-home equipped with solar and wind power generators, a tank to convert rainwater into domestic water, and a toilet. On the other hand, “SPACE by Ecocapsule ®”, as its name suggests, is a microroom specialized in space. In addition to generating electricity with removable solar panels, it can be connected to existing power grids to use electricity.

Tomas Zacek, founder and director of design at Ecocapsule, talked about the design of SPACE. “I think it became easier to get it because the price was lower than ORIGINAL in response to requests. Existing power grids can also be used, making it easier to use.” In fact, for personal use, the company suggests putting it in a garden for a new office space or a small retailer for small businesses. They also recommend combining it with “ORIGINAL” to achieve off-grid living for 4 -5 people or use as accommodation for business travelers. 

“SPACE by Ecocapsule ®” is designed as a studio with no partitions for multiple uses. Its dimensions are 4.67 meters long, 2.2 meters wide, and 2.5 meters high, and the exterior walls are made of highly insulating glass fiber. The size of the room is 6.3㎡ and the capacity is 2 people and the interior is finished with a bright tone based on white. You can customize it with additional parts, and the air conditioner is optional.

The company provide images of Ecocapsule installations in every part of the globe, including large cities, beaches, lakeside wooden decks and prairies, steep mountains and peaceful countryside on their social networking sites and websites. In fact, “ORIGINAL” has received orders from all over the world, from the United States to Japan.

The innovative idea of not being tied to a power source will change not only the definition of where you live and work, but also the definition of life itself.


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