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Toys Reborn from Recycling

Toys are items that have a great impact on education by enriching children’s emotions and enhancing their social skills. As children get older, their interests widen, and the types of toys change with age. Toys that are no longer used by children will not be thrown away if they are usable, such as giving them to siblings or donating them to children’s halls. But toys that are broken or dirty are thrown away. If you throw away toys as garbage, don’t you think it would be nice to have a recycling system that turns them into something new?

In June 2020, Hasbro, one of America’s leading global toy manufacturers, announced a partnership with TerraCycle to launch a toy recycling program in the UK. The toys collected in the toy recycling program are recycled into materials for making flowerpots and park benches. The recycling process is simple: just sign up for membership at TerraCycle, pack your unwanted toys in a box and put a shipping label on the box. The toys that can be collected are figures, dolls and board games. Batteries, baby circles and bicycles cannot be collected. The company has already introduced similar recycling programs in Germany, Canada, Brazil, and the United States.

The toy recycling program is based on Hasbro’s ongoing commitment to environmental sustainability. Hasbro discontinued bundling in 2010, added the How 2 Recycle ® label in 2016 (※ 1), and has been manufacturing toys using plant-based bio-PET since 2018. And since 2020, the company has gradually eliminated plastics from new toys and toy packaging. The goal is to completely eliminate plastic by the end of 2022.

Toys may become lifelong friends like Woody and Andy in Toy Story. It is good for the toy and the environment to repair it or give it to someone and play with it for a long time. However, when it becomes necessary to dispose of them, please choose a way to collect them not as garbage but as resources for new products.

How 2 Recycle ® label:A program to educate consumers about proper recycling methods by labeling recyclable products.

Photo:Hasbro, Inc

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