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McDonald’s UK Launches EV Charging Station

Collaboration between companies in different industries creates new value by creating unprecedented products and services. Partnerships enable them to do things they couldn’t do on their own. And in the UK, the new partnership will set up a fast-charging station for electric cars at McDonald’s.

In June 2020, McDonald’s announced plans to introduce rapid charging stations through a new partnership with InstaVolt, a company based in Hampshire, England that develops, installs and operates EV charging stations. InstaVolt’s quick charging station can charge at 125 kW and charge 80% within 20 minutes. The partnership with McDonald’s was the first attempt by a major British restaurant chain. By providing the service station in a convenient and well-known location outside of the residential area or workplace, the driver will be able to easily use the rapid charging system.

In partnership with InstaVolt, McDonald’s conducted a study to identify barriers to EV adoption. As a result of their investigation, they found the following.
– As a barrier to purchasing EVs, 54% of those who do not own EVs cited the lack of convenient charging points. 
– However, 67% of the group said they would reconsider their EV purchase if the situation improves. 
– Also, 7 out of 10 people were worried about the difficulty of finding a place to charge their batteries when they were away from home.

In addition, misconceptions about charging time were another reason for the barrier to purchase.
– Most people think it takes more than an hour to charge an EV.
– However, 43% of the respondents answered that they are likely to consider buying an EV if they can charge 80% of the battery in 20 minutes. 

These findings led to a partnership between McDonald’s and InstaVolt to create a network of EV charging stations across the UK and to reduce barriers to EV purchasing. It is also expected to contribute to the goal of reducing Britain’s carbon emissions to zero by 2050.

The partnership is part of McDonald’s commitment to sustainability “Scale for Good”. The “Scale for Good” sets targets for the environment and workers, such as measures against climate change, procurement of sustainable foodstuffs, and packaging and recycling. McDonald’s has set the following targets for the global environment.

“Work with franchisees and suppliers to reduce greenhouse gas emissions associated with restaurants and offices by 36% by 2030.” 

And they are also actively working to ensure that all energy needed to operate our stores is supplied by wind power and solar power.

A McDonald’s survey found that there are two types of barriers to EV purchase: psychological barriers caused by misunderstandings and undeveloped environments. It will continue to attract a lot of attention to how much the EV ownership rate will increase with the power of the more than 1300 McDonald’s outlets.


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