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Whiskey containers made with recycled PET bottles

I think many whiskey lovers want to keep drinking the same brand. In a society that demands environmentally friendly manufacturing, there is a growing belief among consumers that alcohol should be produced with the same ethical approach.

In June this year, Diageo North America, a world leader in the alcohol industry, announced that they decided to change the packaging of their flagship brand, Siegram Seven Crown, to 100% recycled plastic bottles. As a result, the use of virgin plastic can be reduced by nearly 1,000 tons per year.

According to the company’s announcement, the Seagram Seven Crown of all sizes sold in PET bottles was replaced by recycled plastic bottles at the end of June 2020. Glass bottles will continue to be sold. ” By packaging products with recycled materials, we hope to reduce carbon dioxide emissions from the products themselves and to raise awareness among consumers and the alcohol manufacturing industry about reducing carbon dioxide emissions.” says Ronald Holmes, packaging director.

The switch to recycled plastic bottles for the Seagrum Seven Crown is part of the company’s efforts to increase recycled content to 45% by 2020. In addition to Seagram, the company also sells famous alcoholic beverages as Johnny Walker, Captain Morgan, Smirnoff, Tancaray and Guinness around the world, and each brand takes various environmental measures.

For example, the company has changed the packaging used to make it easier to carry multiple cans of beer to compostable, biodegradable cardboard at a Guinness brewery in Maryland last year. Until then, they used a common plastic ring that is normally used in canned beer.

A Bourbon whisky distillery currently under construction in Kentucky will be carbon-neutral, running on 100% renewable energy. The boiler, which is indispensable for whiskey production, will be newly operated by electricity. All trucks, forklifts, and other vehicles used in the distillery will be electric vehicles. Electricity is purchased under long-term contracts with local power companies to use electricity with zero greenhouse gas emissions. The distillery is expected to be the largest in North America and will start operation in 2021.

With a large number of prominent brands and diverse fans, the company’s environmental initiatives stimulate consumers and peers around the world and have an impact on the environment. 


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