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Public Transportation for a New Normal

Many people around the world are worried about using public transportation due to the effects of COVID-19. In response to this situation, the British company Arrival announced a bus that runs on electricity and has functions that support safe travel.

Arrival is an electric vehicle startup funded by South Korean Hyundai Motor, its subsidiary Kia Motors, and American transportation giant UPS, and has decided to deliver 10,000 EV vans for UPS. 

The “Arrival Bus” announced by Arrival Company looks like a conventional public transportation bus, but it has the characteristics adapted to COVID-19. First of all, the seats in the car can be changed, which allows for more space between passengers. And a mechanism called a zero-touch bell that can be pushed without touching the bell is adopted, which keeps passengers away from the fear of contact infection. The electronic bulletin board in the car also has a function to display the congestion status of the traffic route. 

Although the Arrival Bus is an EV, it will be sold at the same price as a conventional bus that runs on fuel. In other words, the purchaser does not need to pay the fuel cost after purchasing the Arrival Bus. This cost reduction is achieved by placing the vehicle on a flat skateboard platform with lightweight body panels. Also, due to this weight reduction, it is also extending the mileage per charge.

Arrival is working with governments and cities on plans to create an integrated public transport ecosystem with zero emissions goals. Arrival, which enters the EV bus field, faces competition from China’s “BYD” and Silicon Valley company “Protera,” and its future activities will draw attention.


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