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A Japanese-designed Maldives resort utilizes photo-voltaic power generation

A seemingly never-ending expanse of blue sea and sky. And strong sunshine. The newly opened environmentally friendly luxury resort “Kudadoo Maldives” with private photo-voltaic power generation capabilities does not impact on the beautiful landscape of the resort islands of the Maldives in the Indian Ocean.

Designed by Tokyo-born, New York-based Yuji Yamazaki, it focuses on sustainability, and has solar panels installed all over the roofs (an area of approx. 2,000 square meters) of facilities housing restaurants, bars, etc. used by guests. These solar panels can generate more than enough electricity for 50 guests and 100 staff staying and working there.

Solar paneled roofs are also built at an appropriate angle that allows sunshine to come into the buildings for less power consumption by reducing the use of lighting.

Other than photo-voltaic power generation, the many environmentally friendly initiatives include the use throughout the resort of wood sourced from certified sustainable forests. A stay at “Kudadoo Maldives” surrounded by beautiful nature in the Maldives, a highly sought-after destination, would be a dream come true.