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New style to bring my cutlery set

As a result of the worldwide spread of COVID-19, restaurants temporarily discontinues the provision of reusable cups and cutlery and offers disposable plastic cutlery. Disposable plastics began to play an active role again soon after the world began to break away from plastics. Disposable plastic cutlery is an effective way to prevent infection, but don’t forget that it also creates a lot of plastic waste. The idea of carrying your own cutlery to meet the two demands of preventing infection and keeping garbage out?.

Pharrell Williams is a singer who won a worldwide platinum disc for her song “Happy” in 2013. In collaboration with his founding record label and apparel brand “I Am Other” and the design studio “Pentatonic”, they created the portable cutlery “Pebble”. The appearance of “Pebble” looks like a mouse for personal computer, but it contains a fork, spoon, knife, straw, and chopsticks, all of which are foldable. It has a hook that is convenient to carry, so it can be hung on a bag. And the cutlery is partially made of discarded CDs in honor of Farrell William’s music career. According to Pentatonic Studios, the move to streaming media since 2005 has resulted in the disposal of 10 billion CDs and DVDs in the United States alone. “Pebble” proposes the principle of a circular economy in which materials are always recycled, not discarded, by repurchasing and reusing them.

Portable cutlery “Pebble” can be purchased online. If you are interested, please check out the OTHER WARE online shop.



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