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The World’s Most Environmentally-friendly Bike

Greencode, headquartered in the capital city of the state of Chihuahua in Mexico, has produced the affordable and eco-friendly bike, the URBAN GC1.

The URBAN GC1, praised as “the world’s most environmentally-friendly bike”, incorporates a frame material created from recycled craft paper, and has succeeded in reducing the environmental impact during disposal of bikes.

You may be concerned about the bike’s durability in wet conditions when you hear that its primary materials include paper, but the surface of the material is coated in polyethylene so that even if the bike does get wet, the water will not penetrate to interior of the frame. The tires also feature a distinct design, the bike being equipped with tires which cannot be punctured, manufactured by the company. The tires feature wheels made from rubber and recycled plastic, and other pieces made from reusable metals and paper. Best of all, they offer a ride which is no different to the tires of standard bikes, giving you the best of both worlds.

Bikes are naturally eco-friendly forms of transport which do not emit any exhaust gases, but they are even kinder to the planet when made from recycled materials. Be sure to check the Instagram of the manufacturer, Greencode, where pictures showing off bikes made from recycled paper blending in around town are uploaded every day.