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The electric scooter race is coming!

Many people around the world are becoming more and more aware of e-scooters or electric scooters. In Western cities mobile transportation sharing services are rapidly growing and people begin to use it more often, as it helps to get away from the crowded transport and reduce the spread of bacteria.

To shine the light on the urban transportation and infrastructure in a post pandemic society first ever electric scooter championship ‘eSkootr Championship (eSC)’ is planning to be held in 2021. The championships will occur in some of the world’s most advanced cities, and participating scooters will have different specifications with a maximum speed of 100km/h. Details of the race have not been revealed yet, but the official homepage highlights the social and public nature of the championship as a way to convey the innovation of micromobility.

eSC was co-founded by motorsports industry entrepreneur Hrag Sarkissian and former A1 GP racing driving and F1 caster Khalil Beschir. The championship aims to help change the way people transfer through the cities.
The significance of holding the race on a global scale is that it can also contribute to cost reduction, promote convenience and improve sustainability in the electric mobility market.

The race itself will be held throughout the city and not on the circuit. Reasoning for doing so is for the race to become more recognized by the society and make people aware of mobile transportation. Currently, the society is too accustomed to the cities full of cars and struggle imagine the future where e-scooters can run quickly though the city. It is said that in the host cities of the championships, government representatives, industry and citizens will have the opportunity to discuss and exchange opinions in order to reform transportation system.

Another characteristic of eSC is that they have low entry barrier for drivers. Wide range of drivers such as cyclists, skaters, motorcycle racers and other drivers are welcome to participate in the championship. This makes the e-scooter a universal vehicle which can be used by anyone, anywhere, not just a specialist vehicle.

Following Formula E, which incorporates the idea of environmental protection into motorsports industry and others, eSC is committed to participate in creating a sustainable society

Photo:eSkootr Championship

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