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Hydro entanglin creates new materials

“ecoist” has been introducing companies which make new products from plastic waste. Companies such as EVERLANE – an apparel brand which creates coats from recycled PET bottles, and Malaysia originated RHB Islamic Bank that produces debit cards from recycled plastic. These companies are trying to put an end to single use plastic and circulate the use of it.

Another one of those companies is UK based Project Blu.
Project Blu manufactures beds, toys, collars and leads for pets using plastic waste, used clothing and recycled leather. In order to manufacture beds and toys for your pets, the collected plastic is firstly crushed and broken down into flakes. Secondly, with addition of heat and liquid, crushed plastic is pushed out through the small holes. Finally, the combination with the threads extracted from used clothing is done. While bed and toys are easy to made, collars and leashes are trickier to produce. Recycled leather and recycled fibers are used in the making. A technique called hydro entangling*1 is applied. After the product is made the craftsmen in Italy will assemble the collar or the leash by hand for your pet.

Project Blus’ benefits include not using harmful chemical substances in the process of making products, and reducing water consumption by 86% compared to other PET and yarn manufacturers. As of 2020, the entire supply chain will be carbon neutral. Project Blu intends to reduce carbon emissions throughout the supply chain by using low-carbon materials such as recycled PET plastic and second-hand clothes, and also improve energy efficiency by using sea shipping instead of air shipping.

Project Blue believes that it is important not only to clean the oceans, but it is important to work with poorer, and with more polluted regions to prevent plastic from going into the rivers which lead to the ocean. By collaborating with coastal communities in India and Philippines to collect plastic, and making donations to the Plastic Bank*2 Project Blu hopes to contribute to the society and help resolve some of the issues which are affecting the society.

Until now, businesses main intention of the was to make profit, but as time goes by more and more business are expected to approach environmental, poverty and other issues. If not, global issues such as climate change cannot be solved.

  1. Hydro entangling: A manufacturing method in where jet water stream is splashed over the accumulated fibers and the fibers are entangled with each other by the pressure to bond them into a sheet.
  2. Bank Plastic: Plastic Bank is working to stop ocean plastic while reducing poverty. By enabling the exchange of waste plastic for money, goods, or block chain-secured digital tokens, Plastic Bank reveals the true value of the material, making it too valuable to throw away.

Photo:Project Blu

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