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An Unmanned Convenience Store with a Solar Power Generator

Everyone has been talking about the cashless store developed by Amazon, but the next step forward is this unmanned convenience store which Swedish company Wheelys has developed in cooperation with a Chinese university.

The unmanned convenience store is made in the style of a prefab house and contain a carefully-selected lineup of high-demand products such as drinks, snacks etc. Users enter the store via an app they download to their smartphone. They then select the products they want, scan them, and that’s the end of the system transaction. The store manager is notified when products are selling so that they can resupply the products in a timely manner.

There are also solar panels installed on the top of the store, and these provide the store with all the electricity it needs to run, allowing it to be completely off-grid.

Not only do these unmanned stores offer reduced personnel costs, but it is thought that they will help lead to an expansion of the trading range into areas with no stores, something that will be of increasing need in Japan moving forward.