For sustainable society


A school where you can learn the meaning of sustainability while having fun

We all know that educational policies differ from school to school, but are you aware of the one-of-a-kind Green School flying the flag for a sustainable society? While the phrase “sustainable society” is now associated with SDGs (social development goals), the founders of the school built this educational institution in the Bali jungle in 2008, around seven years before the UN chose the SDGs.

Around 495 students, from kindergarteners to high schoolers, attend Green School. Kindergarteners discover the joy of learning through play; elementary schoolers gain the core competencies of maths and literacy in sophisticated learning environments; and middle schoolers have the freedom and responsibility to select their subjects as part of an emphasis to teach them to control their own learning. For high schoolers, the school focuses on teaching skills and techniques for learning. Green School wants to show that learning goes beyond the classroom and can be done anywhere—its specific goal is for students to discover life-long learning.

According to the 2017-2018 activities report, the school launched more than 60 student-led sustainability projects and introduced seven types of renewable energy systems to its campus in the one-year span.

The real stars of the aforementioned report are bio buses. The 12th Grade students’ bio bus graduation project started in 2015. Students took around six months to complete a prototype and two school buses began operating in August of the same year. The school kitchen and partner restaurants provide leftover cooking oil which is then processed into biodiesel and used as fuel for the bio buses. This sustainable initiative not only prevents unnecessary fuel consumption and pollution by offering students an alternative to private vehicles, it has the added benefit of using recycled fuel.

If you are interested in attending but worried about the language barrier, the comprehensive support program for non-native speakers of English will set your mind at ease. The school also plans to open a campus in New Zealand in 2020. Here are the school ideals listed on the New Zealand campus’ website:

A school that is a place of joy

A school built in the sky

A school that breeds curiosity

A school led by passionate educators

A school committed to sustainability

At Green School, you will enjoy fresh and deeply profound experiences with new international friends. This experience will not only inspire personal growth, it also has the potential to create changemakers who will build a sustainable society.