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The Future of Mobility: Ikea’s Zero-Emissions Plan

Thanks to our modern Internet environment, we don’t need to leave our homes to get things. However, the price for this convenience is pollution from shipping. According to the Climate Group—an international NGO trying to reduce greenhouse gas emissions—the logistics sector is responsible for 23% of global greenhouse gas emissions.

Furniture giant Ikea is implementing a plan to reform shipping and remedy the situation. From January 2019, all Ikea deliveries in Shanghai have been made by electric vehicles, marking the Swedish company’s first success in its pledge to cut its shipping emissions to zero in 5 cities by 2020. Residents in Shanghai, a city besieged by air and noise pollution, are bound to welcome this measure.

Ikea’s new Shanghai store scheduled to open in 2020 will connect directly with the city’s subway system so that customers can reach visit via transit, walking, or biking. This enable those who do not own a vehicle to go shopping easily, and large furniture items are delivered with transportation method which does not impact the environment.

These initiatives are included in Ikea’s sustainable strategies—aiming to eliminate the use of disposable plastic at Ikea products and stores, as well as using 100% renewable energy.

Perhaps what we can do as consumers is to look into the thoughts and initiatives behind the products when selecting what we purchase.