For sustainable society


Enable connects thoughts and actions.

These days people are trying to find a friendly way to approach the environment but don’t know how to, or often don’t have the opportunity to do so.

A smartphone app ‘‘SusGain’’ was released in July for Singapore citizens. SusGain connects potential environmental concerns with sustainable everyday behavior. The app helps its’ users change their lifestyle to a more sustainable one. Users perform activities such as recycling and benefit from it by receiving special bonuses such as cashback discount. App developers are calling for more sustainable lifestyle adjustments.

This approach may seem similar to reward/gift cards that other companies may provide, but what makes this app more special is that with the cash back that goes to the user the same amount is donated to the charity of users’ choice. In other words, everyone benefits from this app – the app developers, the user and the charity.

The app is simple, free of charge and easy to use. After downloading and creating an account, the user is asked to choose a charity that the donation will go to. SusGain allows users to search for ECO friendly stores, recycling boxes for electronics, water refill stations, clothing exchange stores and others all within the app. An easy step such as reading the QR code at the store that is being visited will gain user points and a cashback discount on the spot.

Green Queen – a media outlet that spreads awareness regarding environmental issues in Asia, mentions that shoppers are increasingly join their consumption with the environmental footprint it leaves behind, but the price still remains one of the main hurdles. Other resources prove that those who strive to achieve a more sustainable lifestyle are frightened by higher costs.

‘‘Singaporeans are more conscious and care more about the environment. The problem lies in the gap between intention and action. While feeling the need for sustainable living many citizens aren’t aware of what needs to be done. This is one of the things SusGain is trying to do.’’ – Said the creator of SusGain – Carolin Barr K.
This app will make a great progress, when it will become an infrastructure and will help spread awareness about sustainable lifestyle.


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