For sustainable society


Forget “my chopsticks,” it’s time for “my straw!”

Did you know that the marine plastic problem risks us ultimately no longer being able to eat wild fish?

The marine plastic problem is also covered by the UN’s Sustainable Development Goal #14, “Conserve and sustainably use oceans, seas and marine resources for sustainable development.” In order to address this environmental issue in a sustainable way, a trend is underway in beverage outlets such as Starbucks to stop offering plastic straws.

Building on the momentum, new natural products such as bamboo and oat straws are appearing, but many people are concerned about whether it is really possible to clean them properly for reuse. As a solution which satisfies those concerns, a straw has been developed which can be disassembled for internal cleaning.

This is the slide-apart “Rain Straw.” By sliding the straw open lengthwise to separate the two pieces, the interior is easy to clean with either a sponge or in a dishwasher. As handy as it looks, you might wonder if a two-piece straw wouldn’t leak, but the patent pending airlock design means you can happily drink without any worries.

The straw is 26 cm long, 8.5 mm in diameter, and is available in 15 colors. A five-straw set is priced from $20 (approximately 2,200 yen), and postage to Japan is available for an additional $14 (approximately 1,550 yen).

This straw seems like a washable, hygienic solution to use at home or the office. It’s a good idea to adopt environmentally-friendly ways to use the straws you like while reducing plastic waste.