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Bringing Motorbikes into the EV Era

We often hear about electric cars, but what about electric motorcycles? In 2018, Harley-Davidson announced an electric bike and Honda launched the PCX Electric, making it feel like the year in which bikes were at last fully moving into the EV era. Then, in 2019 the LMX161 Scrambler Electric Bike was launched from France.

This is a customized version of the LMX161 Motorcycle, which is designed for both offroad and street use. While maintaining the aesthetics of an offroad bike, the Scrambler also has dual headlights and leather luggage bags, mixing street elements for high convenience.

It features 19” Michelin dual sports tires front and rear, and LED headlights (with low and high beam) as used on Dakar Rally bikes. With a maximum speed of 70 km/h and peak output of 10kw, it has speed and power suited for road use.

With electric bikes now on the roads, perhaps the era of EV bikes is now upon us. Just like with cars, we look forward to the major bike manufacturers jumping on the EV development bandwagon, and seeing what advanced performance and designs they come up with.