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An adult version Lego like vehicle to hit the market

Germany’s Electric Brands announced compact EV named “eBussy” and has a rather cute and stylish design. There are two main features of this new EV on the market.

First of all, because it is built on the basis of the LEGO principle, the design of the car can be changed by changing the modules. By changing the rear module, it is possible to freely select from 10 ways, such as a light tiger-style camper van with a van other than the front seat such as a Volkswagen bus. Also, the ability to change driver’s seat arrangement is also a characteristic, and by introducing a steer/drive-by-wire system* into the steering wheel and pedals, the driver’s seat can be freely arranged on to the left side, right side, center of the dashboard. Before purchasing the needs according to the country’s regulations needs to be adjusted beforehand but due to the easy adjustment time and effort required in the manufacturing process will be reduced.

In addition, solar modules are also a main characteristic of the vehicle. A 10kWh battery is installed as standard equipment and can run up to approximately 200km. A solar panel is installed on the roof and is a mechanism to refill the battery with electric power along with the regenerative brakes. By equipping each wheel hub with a 20hp motor, it has a powerful torque of 737lbt-ft (1000Nm) which allows if needed by user to be used as a camper van. An optional battery with a capacity of 30kWh is also available, which enables a trip of about 600km that triples the cruising range.

Electric Brands has plans to build a battery exchange station network that permits the batteries to be replaced with charged ones instead of charging them. The price of eBussy starts from 15,800 euros (about 1.95 million yen) for the base model. Even the most expensive off-road camper specification costs 28,800 euros (about 3,550,000 yen) and is planned to be released in 2021.

With the advance on the EV market, where vehicles aren’t only environmentally friendly but are also designed to fit each customer’s needs and desires, market allows to choose not only a sustainable vehicle, but also a vehicle that will visually appeal to the buyer.

Steer/drive-by-wire system*
Accelerator pedal and the throttle valve of the engine are connected by a cable, and the engine rotation is controlled by the pedal depression amount of the driver, but it is a system that is controlled by an electric signal (electric wire = wire) instead of the cable.

Photo: Electric Brands

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