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Visualized carbon footprint will be new normal

When choosing a processed food, many will care about calories, proteins, fats, carbohydrates, and salt. Currently, only nutritional information is displayed like this, but if concerns about climate change are standardized, the situation may be such as “Not enough information to make purchase decisions based on nutritional ingredients alone!”.

So what should be displayed? The correct answer is that the amount of carbon dioxide and greenhouse gases emitted before a product is manufactured is also labeled. This label is called the Carbon Footprint Label, and the salad restaurant “Just Salad” has announced that they will display this carbon footprint label. This is the first time for an American restaurant chain.

The label will be attached by Climate Week NYC (*1) starting from September 21, will show the total greenhouse gas emissions related to the production of raw materials. In the case of livestock, production includes everything from the agricultural method used to the amount of water used or whether it contributes to deforestation or methane emissions. It is said to be the most important factor in determining the footprint.

Just Salad’s sustainability doesn’t stop there. Just Salad is making various efforts toward the goal of “THE GREEN STANDARD” to become the “green” standard of sustainability in the restaurant sector. A unique initiative is the Reusable Bowl Program. This means that if you buy a $1 reusable bowl, you get two basic toppings or one premium topping for free, saving over £75,000 in plastic each year.